The advantages of these services include a reduction in costs and administrative burdens for the contracting company, since all the tasks related to salary processing or human resources management in its many guises are left to the company providing the services.

By handing over responsibility for the proper management of these areas to the contracting company, a company will specialise and focus on better implementation and innovation of its core and strategic activities.

We offer the following services:


The payroll service carries out all the activities related to processing the salaries of a company’s employees. This service includes calculating salaries, legal deductions, taxes, issuing pay slips and complying with all the associated legal and tax reporting obligations.


This service ensures the execution of all procedures related to Human Resources Administrative Management in a complete and integrated manner, including not only salary processing, but also the execution of all procedures and activities related to personnel administration, such as benefits management, performance appraisal, development of HR policies, maintenance and updating of administrative records, statistics and legal and tax communications, among others.

In short, it is a service that offers comprehensive and specialised support in all areas of human resources management, acting in a similar way to an internal HR department.

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