The outsourcing service allows a company, under the conditions defined in a service contract, to outsource one or more long-lasting and well-defined tasks, with the contracted company being obliged to comply with various contractual clauses, including in particular:

  • Scope of the service described in detail in the respective contract;
  • Level of service required;
  • The necessary skills of the staff to be allocated;
  • Assignment and supervision of these personnel, taking into account the schedules and needs of the contracting company;
  • Reporting operations to the contractor at the agreed intervals;
  • Any penalties for defective fulfilment of the service.

These contracts are usually for a period of one year and are successively renewed for equal periods as long as the need remains and it is in the interests of both parties. 

We offer the following services on an outsourcing basis:


  • Medical Information Officers;
  • Salespeople;
  • Administrative Assistants;
  • Customer Service and Relationship Operators;


(Class 2 IMPIC licence holders)

  • Industrial infrastructure management;
  • General and Industrial Cleaning;
  • Logistics;
  • Warehousing;

  • Social projects we support
    Intelac Certifications