The temporary assignment of employees is the ideal choice to deal with the company's activity peaks, revealing a profitable and competitive solution, strongly contributing to a rise of productivity in a short time.
Advantages of this option are:
  • Fix cost reduction with people from the wage component to other benefits, which are now considered variable costs according to the most pressing needs.

  • Greater flexibility in the internal structure, with adaptation of the workforce to market variables.

  • Increased productivity and competitiveness.










We position ourselves in the market with the following competitive advantages:
  • Giving the customer the guarantee of the best candidate in a short time.

  • Ensuring the satisfaction of all the legal rules governing temporary employment agencies.

  • Permanent and personalized support to both the client and the working employees.









The temporary assignment of employees is indicated in the following situations (Law 7/2009 of 12 February, Article 140):
Satisfaction of temporary need and the period strictly necessary to meet this need, being understood as a temporary need, in, among others, the following situations:
  • Replacement in case of holiday period

  • Maternity/ paternity leave

  • Temporary incapacity for work due to illness

  • Replacement for unpaid leave

  • Seasonal activity or other whose production cycle presents irregularities

  • Exceptional increase of the business activity

  • Execution of occasional tasks or particular
    services precisely defined and not lasting



This service covers the entire national territory, enabling Intelac TT to respond thoroughly to the requests from our customers, once we have access to a permanently updated database of candidates in almost all professional categories.


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