Traffic Psychology
Due to the entry into force of the obligation to favorable psychological examination report presentation to the drivers of vehicles of categories C, C + E, D, E + E, C1 of subcategories, C1 + E, D1 and D1 + E, as well as drivers of category B and B + E exercising driving ambulances, fire vehicles, transport of patients, school transport and light car rental passengers, we have developed this service according to two performance vectors:
  • FOR DRIVERS, at the level of Psychological Assessment for obtaining and/ or renewing licenses.

  • FOR COMPANIES, at the level of the Candidate Conductors Selection, in accordance with the rules and standards set by IMT for legal authorization to drive.



What are the benefits for the company?
Drivers turnover decreasing

Decreasing Claims

Offering their customers safe driving



We have the following services:
Psychological Assessment of Drivers in Order to get the Driving License
Driving licenses C, C+E, D, D+E, C1 subcategories, C1+E, D1 and D1+E, categories B and B+E special (driving ambulances, fire vehicles, patient transport, school transport and taxis) for technical certified by IMT, based in Vienna Test System (VTS).


Selection and evaluation of candidates for driving
Service designed for companies based in the Vienna Test System (VTS).


Training in Transport Area
    • Safe and Sustainable Driving Course (7h)
    • Course of analogic and digital tachographs (8h)
    • Awareness action in fuel economy (4h)
    • Defensive Driving Course (4h)
    • Road traffic update course (4h)
    • Stress management (7h)
  • Conflict Management (7h)


All these services can be performed at the customer facilities.




We have the Vienna Test System (VTS), which complies with scientifically proven validity and reliability criteria and is in accordance with national legislation regulating the legal enablement drive (Decree-Law No. 313/2009 of 27 October).
The work done in this field is recognized by the IMT and the Regional Health Centers, completing the legal requirements for obtaining or revalidating licenses.



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